Opportunity - Scrap HD

Posted by Laura Burger's Blog , Thursday, September 3, 2009 10:27 AM

ScrapHD BETA Challenge

Calling all Beta Testers!! There are only 24 more hours to enter our drawing for a FREE CLUB MEMBERSHIP for an entire YEAR! ($99 value)

* Create an account on the ScrapHD Beta site (www.scraphd.net) – if you already have an account you’re one step ahead of the game, just use that one!
* Publish at least 3 scrapbook pages by 12pm CST on Friday, Sept. 4th (can all be in the same scrapbook, not limited to three)
* Leave us a comment, question, suggestion, and yes, even criticism
(we’ll take it constructively, of course :) ) via the Feedback buttons on the Beta site, an email to support@scraphd.com, or a comment on this blog post. Be sure to include your ScrapHD profile name so we know who to give the membership to if you win!

ScrapHD is currently in beta testing. We value all of the feedback from all of our beta testers! Stay tuned for more features, functionality and industry enhancing plans!

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