Time to Get Funky - With Ole Time Funk Collection - CHA Update

Posted by Laura Burger's Blog , Saturday, January 30, 2010 9:45 PM

As promised I would talk a bit about CHA - being that this was my first trip it was more than exciting. I got to meet so many people both in the industry and out, it was very amazing. I am sure I have a few new friends that I will never forget. Funny who you have one impression for online and when you meet that all changes - I love it and it reminds me to wait for the real deal! It cost me a bit for one of my statements LOL! It was worth it all for the experince! The people with ScrapHD are an amazing family and I gain a whole new respect for their way of doing business - the correct way.

Okay now on to the new products being offered! I am proud to present you all with Ole Time Funk! I had a blast making these and hoping that you will find them as useful as I have. I love tucking little piece in between things and under peeking out. These are perfect for doing that. You can find these all at my Gotta Pixel store and soon to released at A Cherry on Top.
And a couple layouts done by myself and my CT


Hope you all have a great rest of the weekend and get some scrapping done

ScrapHD is Live and A Treat

Posted by Laura Burger's Blog 6:35 PM

If you havent checked out ScrapHD - you need to! This is site that has some great features for the digital or hybrid scrapper. I love the fact that I get to use paper and elements that are from the top 14 paper manufacturer's. Since I started scrapbooking with paper, I have now come full circle with being able to play with paper again and still get to use digital. It is really an amazing site. Some of the neat features are that you can import png files and you can grab photos from your Facebook, Photobucket, Flicker accounts. Makes it very so dang easy to make a page with little effort. So go take a test ride with the free section and see if it something you would use and like. I am thinking you are going to love it.

New Dollar Product - Tuesday Only - New Add on - CT Call

Posted by Laura Burger's Blog , Monday, January 18, 2010 8:45 PM

 Oh so much happening around my house - with CHA coming up and regular work and lets not forget designing. We cant forget that! Well Tuesdays are Dollar Pixel Day and I have a whole kit ready for you this time, along with some commercial use overlays. So go take a look at the store and I am sure you will be pleased.
In addition to the Sugar Babe Scrap Kit - I have an add on for this kit - it is also marked down for a savings.

New pgn overlays are now in the store and marked to a dollar for Dollar Tuesday at GP. 

Check out the fantastic and creative layouts some of my Creative Team did with the Sugar Babe Scrap Kit and add on kit.



I am currently looking to add another 1 to 2 people to my Creative Team, so if you like my products, please send me an email with a link to your biggest and more current gallery and I will be going over applications as soon as I get back for CHA. 

Back to the being busy part of life - Well I am excited to be going to CHA and working the ScrapHD booth, so if your going, please come by and say hello would love to meet you. We are having some real weather here in Northern Arizona, lots of rain and by morning it could be lots of snow. Also seems we will have this type of weather the rest of the week. Oh joy! And on a more personal note - it looks like we have a new kitty. We aren't sure if it is boy or a girl. But it has been hanging around since last Spring and I just finally have broken down and started feeding it. It has been so hungry - it was probably starving - I know it would eat the bird food and that if when I finally gave in to feeding it. We are just calling it Kitty - till we can figure out what sex it is. It is completely wild and the minute it hears you it runs like there is no tomorrow. So we have gained a new animal. 
I will be taking next week off in offering Dollar product, but I will adding new products for the month of Feb. 
Hope you all have a good  week, before I head back to report on my trip and designing.

Tingles My Toes - New Product and On Sale

Posted by Laura Burger's Blog , Tuesday, January 12, 2010 9:10 PM

 I loved making this kit up. I love the colors and all the texture this kit holds. 
Okay call me a sentimental fool when it comes of winter with all the festivities that goes on from first snow kiss of the year, to ring in the New Year with the love of your life or just walking hand in hand on a daily stroll. That kind of how I feel when I am in this wintery weather with my loved ones. So with that said, you can you this kit for so much more but that was the idea behind it for me. You are going to get  the following items in this kit: 15 backgrounds with lots of textures, one beautiful doodle with added shadows, 6 flowers in several different shapes and colors, 3 different frames , 3 hand painted hearts, 2 jouraling items, 3 overlays, safety pin, 1 length of rhinestones, 4 ribbons, 4 strings, 3 staples, 1 stem, one string tag, 2 tags and 2 ribbon wraps.  A large set that will have you coming back time and again for a little bit of this and little bit of that.
You can find it on sale now at my A Cherry On Top Store  

My Creative team did a great job with this kit and please to show you a few of the layouts they created with this kit.

Hope everyone New Year is going well, mine is going great and been so busy it is flying by quickly. I am doing he big count done to going to CHA and getting meet a few new people I have only had the chance to talk to on the phone and to meet up with the ScrapHD gang.

Introducing some OLE Time Funk - Chance to Win

Posted by Laura Burger's Blog , Thursday, January 7, 2010 9:10 PM

I had so much fun making these! Product and I know the coming month's I will have even more fun using these items. They are way to funky not to play with.
And wait there is more!


Here is a layout I did with it for my Son and now Wife Becky. I used background from my Morning Mocha, my new Glamour Bits Set 1 in this layout.


You will be able to find these are my guest space at Digital Scrap Ink 

I will be sending out links to 5 lucky people to win one of these products - all you have to is send me an email and I will use a randomizer to pick 5 people. Ends on Monday 12 noon. Links will be sent Tuesday.

One last layout - by Deb on my Creative team! So of the same product - whole different look

Dollar Tuesday Again - Lets Start the New Year RIGHT - $1.00

Posted by Laura Burger's Blog , Monday, January 4, 2010 8:00 PM

Its time to start the New Year off with a bang - Tuesday Dollar Pixels - I have added 4 new products 2 Commercial Use and 2 PU/Scrap4Hire items. One of the commercial has a bonus png file with it. Be watching for more overlays with png files from me in the near future.

Remember these prices are only good at my Gotta Pixel store on Tuesday the 5th. at this price. In addition, last call for the freebie I was offering to join my newsletter list! So  if you interested, please send me an email and I will get you your links. This freebie will expire on Friday.

Now on a personal level, I am trying to do the 365 with a weekly layout of some sort with the photos, I am really hoping I can keep up with it. I know for the next few weeks I will be able, it is being able to keep with a resolution through the hole year. That was the first one I made, the other was to spend more quality time with my husband. Which if he has it his way I will be doing more fishing on his new boat, than I care to think about. We are taking it out this next weekend for a quick trip to Laughlin. It happens to my brother in laws birthday and we have a group of people going to celebrate. Funny how we plan a river trip and he gets a boat. How does that happen. The next resolution is to get back to exercising and eating better. I still have a goal that has yet to be met when it comes to my weight and size clothing that is comfy for me. And my last one is to try and learn to relax a bit. That out of all should be the hardest for me, as I am a doer and not the kind of person that has learned to relax too  well.

Hope to share a few layouts with you in the coming weeks. And watch the blog as there will be new Gotta Grab It products while I am out of town that will come on line. 

Guesting at Digital Scrap Ink! And you GET to SAVE

Posted by Laura Burger's Blog , Friday, January 1, 2010 10:27 AM

Here is wishing you all a Happy New Year! I have an idea this year will be a much better year for all!

I am guesting at Digital Scrap Ink for the month of January. If you havent visited the store, you should. Besides some sales with savings from 23% to 66%, their are some amazing designers at the store. I have the following items there presently and again on sale! If you have some special Christmas photos - look into the Star Album Tempkate - would make a great keepsake to keep out next Holiday Season - and pick this up again on sale.