New Dollar Product - Tuesday Only - New Add on - CT Call

Posted by Laura Burger's Blog , Monday, January 18, 2010 8:45 PM

 Oh so much happening around my house - with CHA coming up and regular work and lets not forget designing. We cant forget that! Well Tuesdays are Dollar Pixel Day and I have a whole kit ready for you this time, along with some commercial use overlays. So go take a look at the store and I am sure you will be pleased.
In addition to the Sugar Babe Scrap Kit - I have an add on for this kit - it is also marked down for a savings.

New pgn overlays are now in the store and marked to a dollar for Dollar Tuesday at GP. 

Check out the fantastic and creative layouts some of my Creative Team did with the Sugar Babe Scrap Kit and add on kit.



I am currently looking to add another 1 to 2 people to my Creative Team, so if you like my products, please send me an email with a link to your biggest and more current gallery and I will be going over applications as soon as I get back for CHA. 

Back to the being busy part of life - Well I am excited to be going to CHA and working the ScrapHD booth, so if your going, please come by and say hello would love to meet you. We are having some real weather here in Northern Arizona, lots of rain and by morning it could be lots of snow. Also seems we will have this type of weather the rest of the week. Oh joy! And on a more personal note - it looks like we have a new kitty. We aren't sure if it is boy or a girl. But it has been hanging around since last Spring and I just finally have broken down and started feeding it. It has been so hungry - it was probably starving - I know it would eat the bird food and that if when I finally gave in to feeding it. We are just calling it Kitty - till we can figure out what sex it is. It is completely wild and the minute it hears you it runs like there is no tomorrow. So we have gained a new animal. 
I will be taking next week off in offering Dollar product, but I will adding new products for the month of Feb. 
Hope you all have a good  week, before I head back to report on my trip and designing.

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